The need to upskill and address the rate of innovation is a major challenge facing workers and companies alike, one so critical that the WEF has estimated over half of all employees require significant upskilling efforts this year. In this new landscape, companies are entering unprecedented waters and are forced to design their own education and upskilling channels, in pursuit of the agile responsive workforce that will unlock the returns of this emerging decade. Many of these approaches, however, have not been successful, with sizable challenges to both company management and employees alike in the upskilling race. One key approach has been to leverage online education channels to scale upskilling beyond managers to the broader employee base. Unfortunately, however, this hasn’t worked well, as workers struggle with the current state of online and distance learning. Today, we share  how we bridge this gap to empower the fastest-growing companies to always have the most job-ready workforceThe entire Ahura AI learning experience is built on principles from decades of research on the science of learning. It has developed an AI-centered approach to online learning to address the needs of companies, management, and workers engaged in upskilling.   By building an AI learning companion that collects and analyzes learner data, Ahura AI supports companies to develop robust and responsive upskilling experiences for their teams, and equips and empowers managers to identify, recommend, assign, and track upskilling progress within their team.  

Ahura AI leverages company data and industry research to highlight relevant and trending capabilities for an individual learner to explore for their next upskilling experience. The platform allows the learner to see what their colleagues are learning as well as suggestions from their managers too. During learning sessions, Ahura AI acts as a learning companion for the learner, responding to their changing style, context, and understanding of the material to adapt to the learning environment for high engagement and delight. Post learning sessions, learners are able to review reports on their learning behavior, with suggestions on how to maximize their positive habits and speed up their learning,3-5 times ahead of their peers.  

In a recent interview about the future of learning and development in companies, SkillSoft CPO Kristi Hummel stated, “Digital learning will become learning.”  Creating personalized, efficient, and agile online learning tools to support high-level upskilling work within companies is an urgent imperative, one that Ahura AI is uniquely designed to address.  

We are now in the process of qualifying individuals and companies to participate in our private beta, to be partners in designing this future of education; we encourage you to sign up. By co-designing this platform to empower companies, employees, and public sponsors to create and sustain a practice of true lifelong upskilling, we’ll unlock a world where humans can wield tools of the new technology age to the fullest, adequately empowered to address humanity’s toughest challenges. 

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