Bryan Talebi, CEO of Ahura AI speaks at the European Social Economies Summit on Thursday, December 17th on topics surrounding health issues and social protection – building an economy of well-being.

When: Thursday, 12/17/2020 at 10:45 am CET

Where: European Social Economies Summit


  • Paula Schwarz, Fondatrice – The Cloud Nation
  • Abel Archundia-Pineda, Global Life Sciences & Industrials – ISTARI
  • Hendrik von Siemens – Siemens Energy Services
  • Brittany Kaiser, Co-Founder – Own Your Data Foundation
  • Bryan Talebi, CEO – Ahura A.I.


  • Participants and workshop organizers will look into products together that are being supported both by politicians and the private pharmaceutical industry in/of Europe. We will look into natural alternatives for chemical products and depict study results that suggest the usefulness of new medical alternatives deriving from nature and innovation. We will select 1-3 use cases of examples that are being looked into by Bayer Pharma and UCB to cure the pain of suffering persons. The aim here is to consider how the patients could be healed/treated well with new methods in comparison to old methods. We will explore how risks and chances are being evaluated by the pharmaceutical industry and by politicians today. We will look into the funding ecosystem that enables certain products to go to market in Europe. We will conclude the session with a negotiation and communication exercise so as to help innovators in the healthcare realm with their funding and investment aspirations in the long run.

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